County Commission explores grant for homeowners

Marion County Mayor David Jackson requested and received clearance from the county commission to apply for half a million dollars to assist with property improvements for some private properties. The federally funded program seeks to help low-income homeowners to bring their homes up to code. The grant is administrated through the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA). Jackson explained to the […]

Meet the Candidates – District 1 County Commission

Marion County News will be publishing a series of introductions to candidates running for local offices. In the interest of equity, and efficiency, all of the candidates were asked the exact same three questions with no follow-up questions. To the extent we could, attempting equal exposure, we have taken the candidates exact quotes. This is week, we will be introducing […]

Campaign finance reform “continues to be a priority”

I had an opportunity to look back through some archived newspapers here at the office, and something in the 1997 archive caught my eye. A title that proclaimed that the time had come for campaign reform. Now, academically, I knew that there had been some effort towards campaign reform since then, but I couldn’t specifically remember what had been passed. […]

Residents encouraged to stay alert in school zones

As the current school year is coming to a close, some law enforcement officers are growing concerned that drivers have grown inattentive in school zones. In South Pittsburg, Jasper and Whitwell, the local municipal police department assists with traffic during peek traffic before and after school. Does the familiarity with the sights and sounds of the school contribute to a […]

Patterson retires after 45+ year career

Many times, one of the first people a new business or resident meets in their community is the local bank staff. The same is true for the First Volunteer Bank in Jasper. One of the cornerstones of the bank’s success has been Mrs. Charlotte Patterson. For almost 46 years Patterson has helped newcomers, both customers and employees, get acclimated to […]

Biblically Speaking

We are starting in 2 Peter verse 3 today.  “Walking after their own lusts.” For those who are living in the free indulgence of their sensual appetites, their own pleasure is their sole law, unrestrained by reverence for God.  John Gill gives a good example of who and what these scoffers really are like.  “Mockers, such as would make a […]