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If you asked for a description of what high school is like from a student’s perspective you would most likely receive varying responses. Some would say that their high school years hold the best aspects of their lives while others would argue the complete opposite. A freshman might note that it is an exciting time period because of the new found freedom and wild pep rallies. A sophomore might claim that it is comfortable. They may add that they knew their way around, but were still unaware of what their years as an upperclassmen would hold. A junior may conclude that high school is pure stress. They would be thinking back to their countless days prepping for big tests and the many late night study sessions. If you asked a senior though, you would get a little bit different of a response. Their times of high school fun, comfort, and stress are soon coming to an end. Their senior year, although filled with new events and experiences, is more of a time of reflection. They may think back to the great times they had during elementary school “Fun Day” riding horses and getting their faces painted. They would go on to remember the heartache that came with making and losing friends as they got older and moved onto middle school. Today’s seniors might even mourn the high school years they missed out on due to covid. They would realize that through it all though, they grew as individuals. They see that time has flown by with a blink of an eye, but their development has been slow and tedious. Some may make known that they never want to go back, but there will always be one aspect of high school that they hold onto and cherish. They will reminisce because whether they believe it now or not, these years are times they will look back on and grow from. 

This week signified the beginning of the end for our seniors here at Whitwell High School and their reflection period has begun. All week our seniors have been in the spotlight soaking up their last few high school experiences. They started off with the “Senior Walk” making their way through the middle and elementary schools to greet our younger Tigers. Following this was “Senior Awards” and “Senior Day”. We had an abundance of well deserving students receive scholarships and awards that will help better their future after high school. During Senior Day, Karson Hudson and myself, Heidi Worley, were honored to receive the title  of Mr. and Ms. WHS.  The long awaited “Seniors vs. Faculty” softball game will be held on Thursday along with lots of practice for graduation on Friday. All in all, they will be soaking in their remaining days of high school and preparing for what is to come after May 20, 2022. 

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