South Pittsburg early morning shooting sends one to the OR

******Updated 6/10/22 at 9:39 am to update the condition of the victim*******

South Pittsburg, Tenn. – Early Friday morning, an incident that resulted in a female recovering from a gunshot in a Chattanooga hospital has police still asking questions. Though the victim’s name has been withheld citing ongoing investigation implications, SOuth Pittsburg Police Department did arrest Adam Chase Crenshaw Friday on charges related to the gunshot. Police were continuing to interview people of interest on Monday trying to establish exactly when and where the incident actually took place.

Reports of an early morning gunshot victim mobilized the South Pittsburg Police Department to the Hemlock Drive community. Upon arrival, police were able to speak with the victim who was still awake and coherent enough to answer preliminary questions according to Police Chief Wayne Jordan. “We were able to speak with her before the ambulance got her transported to Chattanooga. Based on what was said and some other accounts we were honing in on two people that were reportedly at the residence at the time of the shooting.”

Ultimately, local police announced that they had taken Adam Chase Crenshaw into custody for criminal assault. Jordan said there may be more charges as the investigation matures. Currently, Crenshaw has been booked in the Marion County Jail awaiting an anticipated June 15 bond hearing.

At last report, the victim had successfully undergone surgery and was recovering at a Chattanooga hospital.



*****Periodic updates that led to the above article*******

***Update: South Pittsburg Police Department has confirmed it has arrested Adam Chase Crenshaw on a criminal assault charge in association with the shooting. When pressed about the charge’s lack of severity and would there be more charges, Police Chief Wayne Jordan said the investigation was continuing.

Whereas details are limited, a woman lies in a Chattanooga operating room this morning following being shot in the South Pittsburg residence in the early hours of Friday morning. A source close to the investigation indicates that there is a person of interest being sought following a conversation with the victim before she was transported for surgery.

The victim has been reportedly released from surgery and is currently recovering at a Chattanooga hospital. Currently, law enforcement agencies are pursuing known associates of the person of interest to encourage them to self surrender. Multiple people were reportedly at the address at the time of the shooting and police are seeking details to hone in on a specific gunman.

Marion County News continues to follow the story.

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