RINOs, DINOs, Dackadoos and Rackadoos

The only thing more vitriol-filled than a Republican and a Democrat having a screaming match (literally or figuratively) is a Democrat or a Republican flaying another member of the same party for not believing the exact same way as they themselves believe. As has entered the public conversation again thanks to a senatorial political ad in Missouri, RINOs, or “Republican In Name Only” continues to be a popular label cast on Republicans that do not adhere to the most extreme perspectives of the party’s members. So long for the “big tent” that was being re-ushered in by Michael Steele with enthusiastic support of the party following Obama’s presidential win over John McCain.

There has not been a substantive initiative from either side of aisle on the federal level in three years. Democrats have pitched their foiled attempts at policy as the results of obstructionist Republicans. There have been quiet references to DINOs (Democrats in Name Only) but the monicker doesn’t get much mainstream play because they don’t want to associate with something Republican. We’ve renamed Post Offices and spewed reactionary gimmicks in order to buy votes back with taxpayers’ own money, but a policy that sets the table for real change that wasn’t then watered down later? Sometimes by the original tip of the spear who got the initiative moving.

So, in the spirit of name-calling over doing the job they aspired to run for, I would now like to introduce my take on whack-a-doo personalities that are more taken with their own cult of personalities than public service. So we’ll have “dackadoos” and “rackadoos” as new jargon within the vernacular of “political discourse.” These are the ones that are so taken with managing the public messaging that they forgot that, perhaps, the American people aren’t all stupid and would be compelled to pay attention without the dog and pony show if there WAS something besides the dog and pony show. Give us something to get behind. Give us substantial debate over something that helps government run more efficiently. Put a long-term repair initiative into place to help shore up the economy that tempers the wild ebbs and flows that we have, and will, endure over the next few years. Have a real discussion on immigration instead of hiring a camera crew and going to see how bad one policy is. Where’s the option? Where’s a solution that doesn’t violate the constitution and continues to hold the United States as the “light on the hill” for the world? Sealing the border is not a policy. Erasing country borders is not a policy. Those are reactions from rackadoos and dackadoos that don’t want or are too lazy to put the work in to orchestrate a real solution. That is why “talking points” and “policy” are pronounced differently. There are public servants at every level of our government that need to be reminded of that.

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