New academic building name chosen for Marion County Regional Institute of Higher Learning campus

At the most recent meeting of the Marion County Commission, a vote was taken on the recommendation of County Mayor David Jackson to name the new building in celebration of its near completion. This Phase II of the campus has already been agreed to, in principal, to be leased to Chattanooga State Community College just as the first phase has been.

Jackson spoke about the anticipated fulfillment, “We’re nearing the completion [of the construction]. The

County Mayor David Jackson explains the change orders that were required at the Institute of Higher Learning site to the county commission.

building is about ninety-five percent complete. Hopefully, we’ll be turning the power on tomorrow.” Jackson then spoke of the road to getting the building. “This building had a lot of moving parts and a lot of people have gone a long ways ways to get this project go, but no more that fifteen men that sit behind this table at this county commission. Without you all putting forward $450,000 in the budget to start with to match the $1.5 million grant we received…we would have never received the grant. Then you came back and approved another $400,000 out of the general fund so we can building the building to meet the bids,” Jackson said.

“And you’ve got two-to-three change orders,” Jackson continued, “We’ve approved. So without you all’s support, pushing to get this done, especially approving the funding it wouldn’t be down there.” Jackson came to the crux of his reciting the commission’s participation. “My recommendation to the commission is to name this building Commissioner’s Hall” in recognition of you all’s support and funding this.”

Commissioner Louin Campbell asked about the initial building’s namesake. “On that first building down there, I thought we voted to name that Moss Hall?” Campbell asked indicating that the official naming hadn’t been accomplished on the building that began construction in 2013. Jackson replied, “We’re working to get that plaque ready.” The board ultimately voted 14-0 to accept the name for the new building.

In a related matter, the board also accepted the mayor’s recommendation to approve the thirteenth and fourteenth construction change order for the project dealing with additional grading challenges stemming from efforts to pave the new parking lot. The total of the two change orders was $19,920.60. The board approved the measure 14-0.

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