Marion County News to present County Mayor debate

Whitwell, Tenn. – Marion County News (“MCN”) is proud to announce that it will be presenting a debate between the County Mayor’s race candidates on June 28, 2022, at 6:00 pm. Whitwell Middle School has agreed to make its auditorium available for the event. The debate will feature both candidates vying for the office, David Jackson and Travis Layne, that will appear on the County’s General Election ballot on August 4.

MCN Publisher David Riley said, “We’ve wanted to do local debates, but the pandemic sidetracked our efforts for the past election cycle, and we were just trying to keep all the balls in the air ourselves emerging from the economic stress of the pandemic.” Riley continued, “Now, it’s time to give the voters a view of the candidates for which they will be asked to vote.” Riley acknowledged that the paper hopes to present more state and federal race debates moving forward, but was skeptical of its ability to attract candidates in a local discussion based on almost 80 percent of the county’s eligible voters not participating in the May 3 primary. “It costs candidates money to travel, and they go where the voters turnout. It’s just economics.”

The debate format is still in process, but the three-person question panel has agreed to participate. Members of the panel will be introduced on the night of the event. The third panel member has not been announced, although several people are in the mix.

The public will be invited to submit questions to the panels for their consideration. Marion County News’ website will have a portal for citizens of Marion County, TN to enter questions. These submissions will be reconciled with panelist questions to allow for an objective finesse of local concerns and possibly expand panelists’ questions to include concerns brought forth. That portal is expected to be functioning no later than 2:00 pm on Wednesday, June 15.

Further details will be forthcoming over the next few days.


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