Biblically Speaking: Spiritual warfare of the heart

To recap our study in Psalm 1:1, “Blessed is the man that ‘does not.'” That is the key to this verse. The Psalmist is stating that in order to be blessed by God our Father, we should not travel down this road. Notice the downward spiral. If the road is continually sought after, it is a downward, dangerous and destructive spiral. If an individual resists the avenue of the wicked, then God is pleased and will continually bless the individual.  

Verse 2 says: “But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in his law doth he meditates day and night.”

Continuing our study, let’s look at two of the most common Hebrew terms for the definition of “delight.” 1. “To bend toward, to be inclined toward an object or person,” and 2. “To delight or take pleasure in.”

God is stating in verse 2 that the individual who is blessed will delight in or be inclined and take pleasure in God’s word. A person must take time to read God’s word, bend toward an object or person, and pay attention to it.  

Have you ever noticed that our persecution from the devil is not mostly physical? Yes, some are today, but not like it was back in history (Foxes’ book of martyrs). Seems to me, that every time the devil poured out his fury within the hearts of wicked emperors, they tortured those who named the name of Christ. The more the devil did martyr, the more they grew in number, up to the day and rule of Constantine. Since persecution caused Christians to grow instead of stopping them, the devil decided not to attack the physical body with persecution. He decided  to attack the mind instead. He caused the mind to ease from fear of death and approached from a different avenue, which is complacence/ease. For instance, today, look at billboards, television, computers, etc.. They are constantly saturating our mind to the point of exhaustion. We do not feel like studying God’s word to listen to Him speak to us, but watching television is no problem. If the devil can occupy Christians’ minds to the point of exhaustion, he has succeeded at his job.  Isn’t it funny how we, as Christians, seem to ask everyone around us for advice and help, but never take just a few minutes a day to ask God what He thinks about our situation? Sometimes the problem is discouragement. We start to read a couple of chapters and expect God to leap off the page and speak to us. When that does not happen, we become discouraged.  We are in a world of fast food, fast lanes, fast internet, which has beat us into an instant society. If we sit at a drive-thru more than 6 minutes, we start honking the horn. We are a spoiled generation.  God doesn’t work like that, although He can and does sometimes. He mostly wants to spend time with us, so we can learn about Him. Notice the rest of the verse: “In His law doth he meditate day and night.”  The word “meditate” has the meaning of “chewing the cud.”  Have you ever watched a cow or sheep just slowly chew on the grass or hay?  The animal is continuously chewing the vegetation. That is what God is trying to show us. You must read His word, then chew on it during school, work, driving, etc. Out of the blue, He will speak.  God isn’t One  you learn about in just a few seconds. He’s one who takes a lifetime to know.  Until next week.  

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